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Bovan lake

Bovan lake is lake located on "Sokobanjska Moravica" in Bovna, between Sokobanja and Aleksinac. The lake is an artificial reservoir created by building a dam in 1978, in the system of regulation of Morava river and hydro power plant "Đerdap", with the task to keep the cause of mountain rivers and at the same time to acculumate large amounts of water.

The lake is 20 kilometers away from Aleksinac and 12 kilomters from Sokobanja, and is located on the regional road Aleksinac-Sokobanja-Knjaževac. The lake is 8km long, the largest width is 500m and a depth of 50m. Bovan lake supply Aleksinac with water.

On the lake there are suitable places for swimming, as well as improvised places for camping. During the summer, on the beaches of lake, thousands of bathers, anglers and campers gathers. Nearby forests are nothing less paradise for hunters, there are various species of fox, birds, wolves and wild cats.

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